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Parenting Ahead

Parenting Ahead

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Author: Kristen Hatton

Parenting Ahead helps parents with younger children build a foundation for their family based on biblical principles for the teen years to come. Readers will learn to practice redemptive parenting where their children grow to see the world through a gospel lens based on biblical truth. 

As parents of young children anticipate the teen years, counselor Kristen Hatton helps them lay the groundwork so that having honest conversations, setting reasonable limits, and exploring issues of the heart will prepare them and their children for the next stage. Hatton helps moms and dads make the connection between their current parenting and future outcomes. By evaluating their parenting, they will see where their own fears, desires, and insecurities lie and how to pivot to practices of faith and trust in God.      

Proactive, long-haul parenting will help parents and children be better prepared for engaging in the realities of peer pressure, decision-making, and recognizing the connection between behavior and the heart.   

  • Evaluate your parenting style to identify whether you are under- or over-parenting. 
  • Discover practical strategies for redemptive parenting and living out the gospel of grace in your home.    
  • Encouragement to take wise, faithful steps while depending on God’s grace for parenting mistakes and failures.   

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