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Marriage Trust Builders

Marriage Trust Builders

  • 1995

Ellen Dean

Marriage Trust Builders is about strengthening and restoring the trust in marriage. It is written to help the couples that are struggling because of weak trust in their marriages. It is also written to help marriages that have experienced broken trust. It provides guidance for the spouse who is hurting, the one who caused the pain, and also for those who are walking alongside to help.

This book is divided into three parts. Part 1 deals with the discovery of broken trust and the emotional devastation that results. It explains taking the initial right actions, disclosing facts, confronting the offender, and listening to the Holy Spirit.

Part 2 begins the rebuilding process. It involves confession, how to sever wrong relationships, recognizing the heart issues, moving toward repentance, understanding the emotions of both spouses, and explaining the why and how of forgiveness.

Part 3 discusses the importance of being aware of triggers and temptations and how to stand strong against them. It also includes how to develop accountability, how to protect the marriage, and how to invest meaningfully in the marriage. The importance of trust is explained, and several specific avenues of application are addressed.

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