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Counsel the Word: Parakaleo and Noutheteo

Counsel the Word: Parakaleo and Noutheteo

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Parakaleo and Noutheteo: Understanding and Applying Two Richly Practical Biblical Counseling Words
from Dr. Bob Kellemen

Description: Parakaleo and Noutheteo is Book 1 in Dr. Bob Kellemen's new series with the Association of Biblical Counselors, entitled, Counsel the Word: Biblical Word Studies for Biblical Counselors. Book 1 focuses on two of the most important New Testament words for biblical counseling, First, parakaleo, which is used over 100 times in the New Testament and has a wide range of meanings relevant for biblical counselors: comfort, console, encourage, sustain, empathize, equip, and much more. Second, noutheteo, which is used eleven times in the New Testament, and which, of course, is the word that Jay Adams focused on to develop the modern Nouthetic Counseling movement. As the subtitle suggests, this is much more than an academic word study. In this book you will learn how to apply these two richly practical biblical counseling words to your own life and to your ministry. 

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