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Called To Counsel 2022 - Domestic Abuse (MP3)

Called To Counsel 2022 - Domestic Abuse (MP3)

  • 1995

Domestic Abuse Track C

“Is It Abuse? Understanding & Identifying Abuse” -Darby Strickland

“Hearts Shaped by Trauma” - Darby Strickland

“The Ministry of Presence: Engaging Survivors of Abuse” - Beth Broom

“Responding to Abuse: Caring for Victims and their Children” - Darby Strickland & Kirsten Christianson

“Inside the Heart and Mind of a Person Who Abuses”- Greg Wilson & Chris Moles

“Distinguishing Between Anxiety and Trauma” - Beth Broom

“Separation, Divorce, and Marriage Reconciliation issues” – Chris Moles

 “Considerations for Church Care in Abusive Marriages” – Kirsten Christianson

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