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Anger & Stress Management God's Way

Anger & Stress Management God's Way

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Anger and stress are issues we are familiar with today. Whether it's road rage, job stress, divisive politics, or even abusive situations, our society seems almost defined by anger and stress. If you think these issues spring from our modern age, you may be surprised to learn how much the Bible speaks to anger and stress--and while they may seem like an inevitable part of life, God says that, when unchecked, they become destroyers.

In Stress Management God's Way, Wayne Mack offers a solution that our society does not: seeking the counsel of our great, all-wise God. In this refreshing guide to conquering these all-too-familiar problems, he shows us how to know when our anger is sinful, how we can "be angry and not sin," what are the sources and consequences of our stress, and how we can overcome the stress we face.

Author: Wayne A. Mack

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